At DDR, we continuously strive to maintain our position as a responsible organization. Our sustainability initiatives are three-fold, encompassing energy management, water conservation and waste reduction. This allows us to focus our time and resources on the areas where we can make the greatest impact on the environment while also delivering the greatest financial benefit to our tenants and shareholders.


Energy Management

Lighting at DDR properties is the single-biggest consumer of energy within our portfolio, making lighting upgrade programs the primary focus of our energy management initiatives. During the past few years, we have begun replacing first-generation lighting systems at our properties with highly advanced third-generation systems. These advanced systems offer more light at almost four times the lifespan compared to legacy lighting systems, delivering maximum energy and cost savings. The benefits of third-generation systems are largely the result of design improvements that maximize system performance. In recent years, lighting manufacturers have also introduced wireless lighting controls, giving DDR the opportunity to enhance our energy savings. After we’ve upgraded a site with a more energy-efficient light source, we then conserve more energy using wireless controls to dim and customize lighting schedules to tenant needs. This type of technology delivers a total energy savings over old fixtures of up to 70 percent. Starting in 2014, DDR began sourcing energy-efficient LED fixtures for future lighting upgrades. LED has continued to evolve and make substantial performance improvements while becoming more financially viable. This type of lighting offers not only more cost-effective operation but also a significantly longer lifespan for less maintenance and waste.


Water Conservation

DDR’s water conservation efforts focus on using water more efficiently while also planting more drought-tolerant foliage. Under these initiatives, we’ve installed sophisticated EvapoTranspiration (ET) irrigation controllers and drip delivery systems at properties in the driest climates, reducing our water consumption by 30 to 40 percent. The controllers electronically receive local weather details, preventing irrigation systems from running when rain is expected. Drip irrigation assures less water is wasted via overspray and evaporation, and also enhances the efficiency of the water by funneling it directly to the root zone of a plant. In arid climates, DDR assets feature xeriscaping, where native plants and hardscaping often eliminate the need for watering.


Waste Reduction

From our corporate headquarters to our properties that host millions of shoppers every year, we eliminate millions of pounds of waste material from landfills annually. Working alongside our tenants, and with input from waste management companies, we’ve implemented recycling programs at nearly every property in our portfolio where feasible. These efforts include working with our restaurant tenants to recycle food-service grease, testing the use of composting bins, and right-sizing dumpsters or reducing the number of dumpsters portfolio-wide.

Sustainability Reports