Specialty Leasing

Contact our specialty leasing team to learn more about our temporary and flexible leasing, advertising and strategic partnership opportunities. Whether you are interested in traditional inline space, seeking vending locations, or a have a completely new and unique opportunity, our team can help identify the venue that fits your specific need.



Whether you are launching a new concept or expanding an existing business, our temporary leasing team will help you identify the best locations within our shopping center portfolio. Don’t see your concept on the list below? We want to hear about your business idea. Contact us today to learn how you can take advantage of our temporary and seasonal leasing opportunities.
  • Holiday & Seasonal (Halloween, Christmas, Easter)
  • Furniture
  • Consignment
  • Tax & Financial Services
  • Community Events
  • General Office
  • Storage


Experiential Marketing

DDR shopping centers are ideal venues to market your brand or host an event. Our value-oriented tenants are today’s most respected retail brands; they continue to win market share and drive consumer traffic to our centers. Our platform engages consumers at the point of sale, when they are most inclined to make purchasing decisions. DDR can deliver a customized marketing program at a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising.
  • Pole banners
  • Floor graphics
  • Food courts
  • Elevator wraps
  • Billboards
  • Signage
  • Mobile marketing tours
  • Vehicle displays & test drives
  • Product sampling
  • Retail promotions


Strategic Partnership Opportunities

Non-traditional opportunities are all about thinking outside the box. At DDR, we have used our parking lots and our rooftops to create exciting revenue-generating opportunities for our strategic partners.

On April 24, 2014, Tesla unveiled their first Supercharger station in the state of New Jersey, and their 100th worldwide, located at DDR’s Hamilton Marketplace.

Strategic Partnership Opportunities:

  • Solar energy programs
  • Oil and gas
  • Car charging stations
  • Wireless technologies and cell phone towers
  • Vending and ATMs
  • Recycling programs
  • Firework sales
  • Television and movie filming


Kiosks & RMUs

The world’s next great retail concept can start with a kiosk or Retail Merchandising Unit (RMU). Located in high-traffic common areas and walkways, our kiosk and RMU program is an easy and effective way to start or expand your small business idea or product line. Contact one of our professionals to learn how you can get your business up and running today.

Opportunities are available at the following locations: