Professional Development

DDR is committed to building a best-in-class team. As our employees’ careers progress, we encourage participation in industry-leading educational conferences, events and programs, and offer a wide range of formal professional development courses. Working at DDR is a career, not a job, which is why we offer so many channels for our employees to develop in their positions and enhance their personal and professional skills.
  • High Potential Leadership Program

    The High Potential Development Program (HiPo) was launched in 2013 as means to cultivate the next generation of leadership at DDR. The program is comprised of high-performing employees who demonstrate a blend of creativity, initiative, innovation, intelligence and leadership. These employees have the capacity to develop solutions not previously imagined, and in doing so, motivate and raise the standards and capabilities of everyone around them. They demonstrate potential and desire for advancement to the next level of the organization.

  • Tuition Assistance

    DDR offers tuition assistance for courses and programs that aid employees’ professional growth. Assistance is available to employees after one year of employment.

  • Open Communication

    At DDR, we believe in transparency and accessibility of information, which is why we have programs that provide access to senior leadership. Open communication related to our business provides a better understanding for employees throughout the organization and empowers them to become stewards of our strategic plan.

  • REIT School

    The SNL REIT School provides a comprehensive introduction to the REIT sector through lecture, group discussions and case studies led by a diverse slate of active real estate practitioners, with a unique opportunity to network with attendees from across the spectrum of REITs and REIT Finance.

  • Real Estate Associate Program

    DDR plays an active role in sponsoring the Real Estate Associate Program (REAP). This initiative was designed to introduce minority populations to commercial real estate by offering training programs led by industry veterans, including DDR executives. Visit projectreap.org to learn more.

  • Resource Library

    The DDR Resource Library provides employees access to thousands of e-book and hardcopy titles, including career-focused topics such as leadership, management and professional development.

  • Make It Happen Program

    DDR employees are offered the opportunity to embark on a 40-week “lifestyle challenge” program called Make It Happen, which features a point-system competition that culminates in an annual grand prize of free healthcare insurance. This program epitomizes the mission of DDR’s Wellness Center, which is to act as the catalyst for positive lifestyle changes that lead to improved health for employees and their families.

  • Property Tours

    On a quarterly basis, DDR offers employees the opportunity to attend property tours of some of our shopping centers in the greater Cleveland area. Tours are facilitated by our property management team and provide employees with the ability to see first-hand how our business operates on a day-to-day basis. Topics of discussion include daily operations, preventative maintenance, sustainability initiatives, leasing opportunities and tenant relations.