Accounting Professional Development

Designed to develop accounting professionals to meet the growing needs of the organization, this unique 18-month rotation program exposes individuals to a variety of accounting/finance departments and opportunities to develop well-rounded real estate accounting professionals.

Rotational assignments are based on career development goals and the business needs of DDR. A keen interest in real estate accounting is essential. Individual mentoring by management, peers and alumni of the program are essential components of the continued success of this program. The development program includes rotations in the following departments:

  • Lease Accounting
  • Property Reporting
  • Capital Markets
  • Funds Management
  • Corporate Accounting
  • Audit Services


The ideal candidate is a recent college graduate with a four-year college degree in accounting or finance, has a career interest in the real estate industry and possesses excellent communication, analytical, organizational and interpersonal skills. Must be willing to relocate to the Cleveland, OH, area upon graduation.

Interested students should apply by submitting a cover letter and résumé to resumereply@ddr.com no later than March 31 of the calendar year. Interviews will occur thereafter, with the ideal candidate beginning the program’s initial rotation in July of each year.

Program Highlights

  • Formal and on-the-job training provide exposure to many facets of real estate accounting/finance and the real estate industry
  • The opportunity for a flexible career path in any of the departments completed during the program, depending on business need
  • The chance to work on high-visibility projects and the opportunity to work directly with accounting and other professionals throughout the organization