College Relations

We actively recruit current students and recent graduates from various academic backgrounds into our College Relations programs. Ranging from summer internships to full-time jobs, all of our positions offer an opportunity to learn firsthand about the firm, our culture and the key disciplines within the commercial real estate sector.


College Internships

DDR’s College Internship Program is offered in various departments throughout the organization and provides hands-on learning in your specific area of interest


Management Training Program

DDR’s Management Training Program is an 18-month rotation-based leadership development program that breeds future leaders at the Company. This unique program is designed to advance high-performing recent college graduates within the organization through experience-based training, industry exposure, and highly visible projects and assignments in a variety of departments within the organization.


Leasing Management Training Program

The Leasing Management Training Program is designed to build future leaders within the Leasing Department at DDR. This unique 12-month rotational program will expose individuals to a variety of leasing regions and departments to help develop trainees into well-rounded leasing professionals.


Accounting Professional Development Program

DDR’s Accounting Professional Development Program is designed to develop well-rounded real estate accounting professionals through a comprehensive 18-month rotation-based program. Trainees are exposed to a variety of high-visibility projects and the opportunity to rotate through multiple accounting departments and functions.